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How can a soda be deadlier than a drug cartel? What does Shakira have to do with the fact that we don't have good public hospitals? What business strategy do the tortilla shops in Palenque share with the big pharmaceutical companies? Why are there Mexican babies who have worked for 11 thousand years?

In a captivating blend of academic precision and engaging storytelling, Viri Rios —a policy instructor, academic, and journalist— unveils the intricate interplay of regulations, policies, and norms that fuel Mexico's income inequality and hinder the country's progress.

"NO ES NORMAL" is a collection of 27 essays that meticulously demonstrate how the lack of economic competition, insufficient taxation of the wealthy, government's unresponsiveness to middle-class needs, and outdated labor laws have perpetuated income inequality in Mexico, benefiting the rich while causing the middle class to stagnate.

Each essay combines storytelling and data analysis to bring attention to the latest economic research on Mexico's critical social issues. Through compelling and intelligent narratives, the essays offer specific actions to address these problems and start the process of finding solutions.

“Viridiana Ríos is a serious academic and analyst who knows Mexico well and whose book contributes invaluably to an informed debate on the country's main problems”


Vice President of the Inter-American Development Bank

 (2008 - 2018)

"Few Mexican researchers have the intelligence, knowledge and social solidarity of Viri Ríos, this book is an example of it"



Mexico's Secretary of Finance


“Viri writes from a severe realism that dispels myths – and with the generous purpose of improving real life, the economy, of her reader. That is why hers is a new voice whose influence will not stop growing."




Books and chapters

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Portada de Salario Digno

How to transform Mexico?

In this book, I wrote a letter to presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum about how to improve the Mexican economy.

How can workers' poverty be eradicated?

In this book, I wrote a chapter in which I present five concrete ways to accomplish this.

Portada de The Missing Reform

The content of these texts is published by its author in her capacity as an independent professional and does not reflect the opinions, policies, or positions of other positions she holds.

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